Are the plants on this site perennials?

Yes, all the plants on the site are perennials. Many are very long lived perennials ,10 or more years old.

What is the shipping season for the plants?

We start shipping in January depending on the weather and where the plants are going. Many of the northern gardeners are not able to receive plants until later on in February. By March many plants here are breaking dormancy and the shipping season is ending.  Spring here comes early. The off season for shipping is spring during the plants growing season. We also do not do much shipping during the heat of summer. An exception at this time is the water plants. The fall shipping season is August or whenever weather cool enough to safely ship arrives. Fall shipping continues until winter freeze makes digging difficult but continues off and on as warm days allow.

Do you offer a guarantee ?

We guarantee the plants to true to name and to arrive at your location in good shape and ready to be planted and enhance your garden. You will need to notify us within 72 hours after receiving the plants if there is a problem with damaged plants. We have been in the business of shipping plants for many decades and have shipped into many foreign countries and many states in this country. We know what we are doing but sometimes things happen during transit that is beyond our control. Frozen plants are usually not harmed. The usual cause of damage to plants is heat that occurs in the UPS truck.