Top ten native plants for planting in the shade garden

If you are in the process of learning about the different native plants which can be used in a naturalized setting or home shade garden there are a lot of choices.. In no particular order are what I consider some of the best shade loving native plants      All these plants are easy to grow given reasonable care. IN time they can increase their number by self sowing seed or roots. 

Number 1  Geranium maculatum -Wild geranium is always a good choice for the shade garden. It is easy to grow, has larger, longer lasting blooms than many other woodland wildflowers and keeps it's foliage into summer.

Number 2  Asarum canadense -Wild ginger is a solid addition to the shade garden. The blooms are of little significance , it is the large green leaves that it adds to the planting. It keeps the leaves into fall, adding life when many wildflowers have gone dormant.

Number 3  Mwetensia virginica - Virginia bluebells are one of the loveliest spring blooming wildflowers. It is medium sized plant , adding balance to the smaller ones.

Number 4  Adiatum pedatum -Maidenhair fern makes a nice addition to the blooming plants. The delicate light green foliage persists unto fall adding color when the spring plants go dormant.

Number 5  Violet species -come in al range or leaf shape and sizes.. There are blue ones, yellow ones ,white ones. These are short plants that work in places where space is limited. 

Number 6  Ploemonium reptans  Jacob ladder Is spring blooming wildflower with blue blooms and stair stepped leaves. After summer dormancy the leaves reappear in fall.

Number 7  Trillium species come in many colors but all have similar leaves and roots stock. This group of plants really should be number 1 one the list but I didn't list them that way.. Many books have been written just about these plants and they deserve the attention.

Number 8 Dicentra cucullaria-- Dutchmen's breeches is a short plants with white blooms and unusual foliage . It definitely deserves a place in the shade garden.

Number 9  Smilacina racemosa- False Solomon seal is taller than many of the spring wildflowers. The  stair stepped leaves and crème colored blooms add balance to the smaller plants.

Number  10 Iris Cristata -  Crested iris is a short plant with striking blue blooms. It is adaptable to different planting locations and soil.

I have to stop at 10 but I could keep going. There are many more spring wildflowers and ferns that are really worth getting to know. One plant at a time is the way to do it. Some of these will take quite a bit of sun , iris cristata and smilacina in particular.